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October’s 31 Days of Real Food-Day 9

by Olivia Furlow


Day 9-Buy and Eat Local!

Why local is awesome!


1. Locally grown food tastes better.
Food grown locally is usually picked within the past day or two. It’s crisp, sweet, and loaded with flavor! Produce flown or trucked in is much older. The average distance food travels from farm to plate is 1,500 miles.
 2. Local produce is better for you.
Fresh produce loses nutrients quickly. Locally grown food, purchased soon after harvest, retains its nutrients.
 3. Local food supports local farm families.
Local farmers who sell direct to consumers cut out the middle man and get full retail price for their crops.
 4. Local food builds a stronger community.
When you buy direct from the farmer, you are re-establishing a time honored connection between the eater and the grower.
 5. Local food preserves open space.
 As the value and demand of local food increases, selling farmland for development becomes less likely. The rural landscape will survive only as long as farms are financially viable.
 6. Local food is about the future.
By supporting local farmers today, you can help ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow, so that future generations will have access to nourishing, flavorful, and abundant food.
Now the question of where do I buy locally?!
Meat has been our topic of real food in the past few blogs so we will first start with where to buy awesome local, quality beef. Time to fill our refrigerators and freezers with beef goodness!
Check back tomorrow to hear about my visit I had today to a local farm that has USDA organic grass-fed, pasture-raised beef that contains no hormones and no antibiotics!!

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