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October’s 31 Days of Real Food-Day 7

by Olivia Furlow

Day 7-Hormones and Antibiotics




Why are animals that we eat being injecting with hormones and antibiotics?

Simple answer-Money

Essentially hormones and antibiotics make livestock gain weight faster….

More hormones and antibiotics=more weight

More weight=more meat

More meat=more profit


Let’s start with hormones….

Typically, an implant is injected into a cow’s ear at an early age that releases hormones and antibiotics in  daily doses throughout the animal’s life. Synthetic estrogens and testosterone are the most common of these hormones.

Meat that has added hormones and antibiotics have the ability to weaken the human body through unnatural cell growth. One of the biggest issues with the use of hormones in beef production is the early onset of puberty in girls. There’s no question that the age of puberty has been decreasing in the U.S. and it has long been suspected that the hormones that we are digesting are causing the early puberty in children. Because puberty is beginning at an earlier age, the risk of breast cancer has greatly increased. Incidences of breast cancer has almost tripled since 1980. These hormones cause unnatural cell growth. Unnatural cell growth is pretty much another way to say cancer. Natural cell growth is healthy and needed in our body. Unnatural cell growth is foreign to our bodies and results in serious health issues.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated 60,000 Americans die from antibiotic resistant disease each year. Antibiotic resistance is the ability of bacteria and other microorganisms to resist the effects of an antibiotic to which they were once sensitive. Antibiotic resistance is a major concern of overuse of antibiotics. When a non-therapeutic antibiotic is used in livestock, to prevent disease and promote growth, it accounts for 80% of all antibiotics used in the United States. These antibiotics are used to help compensate for overcrowded and unsanitary conditions as well as helping get animals to the market sooner by fattening them up.

Antibiotics can not tell the difference between good and bad bacteria, so whenever they are used they kill off some good bacteria as well. An example of good bacteria would be the bacteria present in your intestines that breaks down food we can’t digest. If we kill off this bacteria it opens the door for bad bacteria to take its place. What doesn’t kill the bad bacteria only makes it stronger. There is a reason why doctors instruct you to finish all the medicine they prescribe, even if you start to feel better. If you stop taking the medicine too soon, your immune system isn’t strong enough yet to kill off all the bacteria itself, so some bacteria remains. This remaining bacteria survived the antibiotics and will possibly be resistant posing a serious danger to our health.

Companies aren’t obligated to label their meat or provide consumers with hormone and antibiotic  information about their product, WHAT?! That is downright absurd! Next time you are watching TV take notice to all the prescription drug commercial. Then you will hear all the crazy side effects listed and we never even blink an eye! We are so accustomed to that being normal that it becomes background noise. So when a new prescription drug hits the market, it is required to have disclaimers stating side effects that it may cause, shouldn’t beef raised with hormones and antibiotics state that it may or may not lead to specific health issues? I think so!!!


When shopping look for Organic Beef Free of Hormones and Antibiotics.

Synthetic drugs including antibiotics and growth hormones are prohibited under organic regulations. Producers of organic meat must exclusively feed animals with organic feed and must prevent contamination of organic feed with antibiotics and hormones. If animals become ill, beef producers are not allowed to withhold medications that might be needed to restore health. However, if antibiotics are used to treat illness, the beef producer is no longer allowed to label the meat as organic. These regulations are an important part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture ‘s (USDA’s) Organic Foods Production Act. The federal organic regulations go a long way in protecting the overall quality of products.

Certified organic is the way to go!


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