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October’s 31 Days of Real Food-Day 31

by Olivia Furlow

Day 31-What do we do now?


Since we know that processed food is toxic, why has nothing been done about it?

Who holds the power to this entire problem? You and I. As much as you do not want to hear this, we are the main source that creates, perpetuates, and has the ability to end this poisoning of our food. We always have three choices available to us in any situation: The Optimal choice, The SubOptimal choice, or to do nothing. Doing nothing is a choice.

The desire for Food Manufactures to change is usually quite simple. Nothing is done until they are forced to, from either their consumers or the government. It is all about the money.

The companies that produce these products are very smart. By advertising on TV, newspapers and magazines, they insure that the news doesn’t portray their products as bad. How could they, their are getting paid from these advertising dollars. The media is of no help. Again, money.

First and foremost the FDA is a political entity. Each decision they make is calculated. There is just too much to gain or lose. The FDA follows the “dead body” rule: when there is a dead body as direct result of a product and they have been shown “enough” proof, they will then start to investigate the matter. This still would not mean that something would be banned, only that the process of investigation would start. We must realize that those in the FDA care more about their political power and wealth than for our personal health. Their track-record as a whole would point to that claim. They tend to follow this approach when confronted on real issues: play dumb, deny, and then when all else fails – counter accuse.

In my opinion, there is no conspiracy or cover-up on their part. A cover-up indicates that there is some guilt associated with actions, there seems to be nothing more than a lack of concern for others. It boils down to your health vs their wealth – who is winning?

What do we do now?

1) spread the knowledge

2) fight for tougher standards from government

3) most importantly, vote everyday with our dollars.

First, everyone who learns the truth about the what and the where acquires the tools to make more informed decisions on the food they eat. With this knowledge comes the responsibility of taking care of our own health. No one is going do it for you. Now that you know how processed foods effects the body, it is harder to pass the responsibility of your health onto someone else, your doctor, or some food or government agency.

Secondly, every time we let our governmental officials hear our voice through letters, e-mails, community organizations, and most important to them – our votes, we make it that much harder for them to ignore our rights of being properly informed on the additives and chemicals that they allow into our food supply.

Lastly, everyday you purchase a food item, you have essentially cast your vote for that product and for that food company/industry. Not buying processed foods sends a message to those companies and industries, that we do not desire or approve of their products and methods of production, for ourselves and our families. They can only make money if we give them ours. This is the most important resource that we have to deal with the problems facing food quality. Vote today for health with your dollar.



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