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October’s 31 Days of Real Food-Day 3

by Olivia Furlow

Day Three – Beverages



Good Afternoon Friends!! How did the list printing and circling go?! Remember text, call, email, Facebook message me with any comments and/or questions. Since it is Saturday I didn’t see most of you today so keep in touch if needed.

Yesterday was our food list. So today lets dive into beverage questions people have shared…

“But what about beer?! What about wine?! Can I still have my coffee?!”

Some beverage labels are fairly straightforward, but others have a bit of a gray area,  so I’ll encourage you to make your own thoughtful decision about where, exactly, you want to draw the line.


This is an easy answer because beer can be made at home and frequently is!

The ingredients in beer are grain, water, yeast, and hops. Some “specialty” beers may add herbs or spices, but fundamentally, beer is just those four ingredients — and it’s a surprisingly low-tech process to turn them into beer. So any traditionally made beer gets a thumbs up on October’s 31 Days of Real Food. Look for craft beers from smaller, local breweries in Lancaster County because some of the large breweries may use other ingredients such as corn syrup or dextrose or genetically modified corn. Gross!


Wine can be made at home too! Traditionally, wine is made with just two ingredients: Grapes and yeast.

There is the question of sulfites, though. Sulfites are a naturally occurring part of the winemaking process, but most winemakers add additional sulfites to help prevent spoilage. So you’ll need to decide for yourself if you’ll seek out no-sulfite-added wine. Some are available, it will be on the label.

Liquor / Spirits

My advice is skip the gimmicky flavored ones, like “Cucumber Vodka”. Just add your own, real cucumber!

Of course, it depends on how committed you are to our October’s 31 Days of Real Food. If you’re going all out, then consider what sugars and starches are being used in the fermentation process.

Also note, if it’s a bottle of drink mix that contains alcohol. Example would be “Margaritaville”, they’re not required to disclose the ingredients. Those are probably sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Drink mixes often contain artificial flavors and colors, but you have no way of knowing for sure. So if something doesn’t have ingredients and is obviously not a whole food then there is a reason why it is avoiding disclosing their ingredients. If it seems shady, it IS shady!

Coffee & Tea

Yes, you can have coffee and tea!

Just remember to keep an eye on what you’re putting into your coffee or tea! Powdered creamer and flavored creamers, which by the way, usually don’t even have any actual cream in them are full of crap!

With tea and coffee be careful with the word “natural”! A lot will have “natural flavors” which is a bunch of hippy dippy baloney.


What about “100% Juice?”

For an example think orange juice, oranges aren’t a year round crop, so in order to get “not from concentrate” anytime we want, the juice folks squeeze the oranges when they’re in season, and store the juice in large tanks. To keep it from spoiling, they remove all the oxygen. Unfortunately, that also removes the flavor, so they have to add the flavor back in and also added a bunch of processing and crap ingredients as well.

So if the carton says 100% juice but the ingredients are unreadable then it is a thumbs down on our October’s 31 Days of Real Food.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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