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October’s 31 Days of Real Food-Day 10

by Olivia Furlow

Day 10-My visit to Danda Farms  

 I had an amazing visit to a Danda Farms yesterday!

Know your farmer. Know your food. Good beef is an investment, not just a purchase.

I had a lot of questions and a lot I wanted to see!

Is the farm clean? Are they organized? Are they nice, patient people? Are the animals calm and content?

To say the least Danda Farm exceeded my expectations! I spent about an hour talking and getting to know the farmer’s wife. Nicole showed me around and answered all my questions. I was very impressed and pleased 🙂

Here is a link to Danda Farm’s page on bulk organic beef ordering and discounts. If you are interested in ordering please message me 🙂 I will take care of placing the order and picking up at the farm. Then there will be a pick up time for orders at Warehouse 37 the first Friday of every month between 4:00-6:00. Since we are 10 days into October I will make a small order for this month. Then later this month I will set a deadline date for November’s orders. The first official pick up date will be Friday, November 6th! I am really looking forward to this becoming an awesome addition to Warehouse 37!

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