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October’s 31 days of Real Food-Day 1

by Olivia Furlow

Day One: Real Food 101


The next 31 days will be daily steps toward learning and implementing healthy eating habits into real life not JUST for 31 days. What I have experienced with food challenges is that it is very typical for people to binge on all the food they won’t be able to eat during the 30 days or so of a challenge to “get it in before.” Then they jump in head first preparing themselves for it’s “only” for this many days, I can do this! That is awesome but why stop?!

An example of this is….A client says to me, ” I have to be all in or not at all” Here is the back story of this amazing person. She came to me wanting a change. No gym experience, a smoker, poor eating habits and never hydrated herself with water. Since July 8th she has accomplished so many feats. She is now a non-smoker, drinks nothing but water, gets up every morning Monday through Friday to workout at 5:45 a.m., has lost 7 pounds and wants salads instead of junk. Did this happen overnight? No. I love the mindset of all in! But when changing your life you have to start somewhere. It started with her wanting a change. Then came stepping out of her comfort zone contacting me and coming into a warehouse gym with ropes, tires, pullup bars, sleds, sledgehammers and weights. That in itself is hard! She started with 3 days a week not 5 because she worked up to that. Next was to stop smoking. It started with using the nicotine patch and dum dum lollipops to help with her cravings. As the days went on she found she didn’t need to rely on the dum dums so much and started to cut back on using them as a crutch. Did that happen overnight?! No. This month will include cleaning out your cupboards, meal planning and prepping, budgeting, how to avoid falling off the wagon, etc. This is not a quick fix. Gradual lifestyle changes can be carried on for the rest of one’s life. You, and you only, can arrive to that healthy lifestyle and define what changes work for you, what ever makes you comfortable. I want you to concentrate on and experience how much better you will feel physically and mentally. Weight loss with be the perk! So here we go day 1…

What exactly is “real food”?

For our first day it’s important to define real food.

No pre-packed, processed crap, unfortunately this is what our supermarket foods mostly consist of. Chopping, mixing, cooking…. that is what you need to do.

I know what you are thinking…I don’t have time for that! Yes it will take longer than opening a box and sticking it in the oven or microwave but it will be worth it. Invest the time!

It is important to be eating quality food. When you read a product ingredient list and see names that you don’t know or can’t pronounce don’t buy it. You need to treat your body right, and not like a trash can!! You need to eat real food.

Eat plenty of greens, fruits, and whole grains.

This isn’t designed for one particular way of eating “real”. Anyone can use this information to create practical real food meal plans. This isn’t specific. This isn’t gluten free, low carb, sugar free…it is what works for you!

Real food is wholesome and nourishing. It is a simple, unprocessed, whole food. Real food is pure and unadulterated.

Eat without depriving yourself of anything. If you want ice cream, eat real ice cream. If you want a cookie, eat a real cookie, and if you want cake, eat real cake. A cake made with 30 ingredients and fake frosting from the supermarket does not count.

Eat from scratch. Cooking meals yourself helps you control what it is in your food allowing you to increase its quality to include less sodium, bad fats and tons of sugar.

Moderate your servings. This doesn’t mean you have to eat bird portion sizes or gigantic ones either. Use your common sense 🙂

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with H2O!

Breaking it all down….

Grass Fed, Pastured Meats: Animals that have been raised and fed as they were intended when created, with grass underneath and the sun overhead.

Eggs: From chickens that have been raised on pasture, roaming free with lots of sunlight.

Fats: Butter from grass-fed cows, unrefined coconut oil, ghee, and extra virgin olive oil.

Grains and Legumes: Whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.

Fruits and Veggies: Preferably in season and grown as local as possible.

Dairy: Raw or low-heat pasteurized and full fat from grass-fed cows, goats or sheep. Anytime you see the words low-fat or fat-free you know a lot of junk has been added to compensate for the loss of nourishing healthy fat. This includes: milk, cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese.

Salt: Real, unrefined salt that hasn’t been stripped of its nourishing minerals.

Seafood: Fish that have been raised in the wild versus a fish farm.

Sweeteners: As close to the natural state as possible, such as: raw local honey, pure maple syrup, and minimally-processed sugars meaning raw.

Check back tomorrow for Day 2 and have an awesome day!


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  1. Melanie Lewis says:

    Great information..any menu suggestions?

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