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Demand More of Yourself Challenge! Week Two

by Olivia Furlow

Week Two Nutrition Challenge….


Eat a healthy protein source with every meal and snack daily

This is another week of adding awesomeness. Remember every week is cumulative so keep eating those fruits and veggies.

So let’s talk protein…

Claiming that a certain percent of your diet should be protein is scientifically very interesting, but this kind of recommendation is not directly applicable to the way most of us think about food. All the calculations about percentages and grams per pound of body weight can seem overwhelming, there’s no need to spend time and energy worrying about them. 

People don’t buy “36 grams of protein,” they buy half a dozen eggs, or a nice piece of salmon. Weighing and measuring everything you eat is always an option, but this can be irritatingly time-consuming and often impractical. 

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary. Most of us can make a rough visual estimate of how much food we’re hungry for so learning to do the same for protein isn’t difficult. Simply eating a variety of healthy proteins as part of a well-balanced diet should keep most people within a healthy range of protein consumption without needing to pull out the calculator.

Here is a list of healthy protein sources….




Game Meats




Nuts & Seeds


Protein Shakes…

Whey ProteinEgg Protein, Casein Protein, Hemp Protein and Soy Protein

Protein Bars…

There are hundreds of protein bars available when choosing a protein bar read the label carefully. You want to avoid those with a high amount of sugar. Aim for sugar below 5 grams.


Week Two Mindfulness Challenge….


The 5 Love Languages 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Love is a universal way humans speak to one another. Expressing and receiving love is a form of communication. Although, we don’t always know how to express it. Some of the conflict with this is because we, ourselves, don’t always know what makes us feel most loved and how others can show us love. We all respond to different forms of communication differently. What works for some, may not work for others. 

The Five Love Languages is an easy way to breakdown how we each can communicate love to one another in a language that the other can understand. Each individual will have a preference as to which language they understand the easiest. This may or may not be the language they find easy to express however. 

Here’s a brief description of what each of the 5 Love Languages mean:

Words of Affirmation: Expressing affection through spoken affection, praise, or appreciation.

Acts of Service: Actions, rather than words, are used to show and receive love.

Receiving Gifts: Gifting is symbolic of love and affection.

Quality Time: Expressing affection with undivided, undistracted attention.

Physical Touch: It can be sex or holding hands. With this love language, the speaker feels affection through physical touch.

Chances are, you can relate to a few of these. Maybe you relate to all of them. But most of us have one or two that are much more important to us than the others, and it’s different for everyone. 

Why is This Important? 

The concept of love languages helps pretty much any relationship, not just romantic ones. It’s useful to understand what matters to people.

It can help in work and business, friendships, kids, and family.

Your challenge this week is to learn and implement other people’s love languages on a daily!  ❤️

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