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Demand More of Yourself Challenge! Week Five

by Olivia Furlow

Week Five Nutrition Challenge….

No booze.


A few of the benefits you can expect to see: better sleep, clearer thinking, improved energy, less puffiness, less inflammation, and all around improved mood. Added bonus: You might even lose a few extra pounds.

If the very idea of giving up alcohol seems impossible, that’s even more reason to give this challenge a try.

Drinking alcohol can be a habit that we’ve trained our brains and our bodies to expect. We may not even realize that, every day, we’re actually living with a general low-level feeling of sluggishness that we’ve come to live with as “normal.” Our baseline “normal” just isn’t as awesome as it could be. Yet it seems normal, because we are used to it. This challenge can be an incredibly eye opening experience. You’ll never know for sure how consuming alcohol is affecting how you look, how you feel, and your quality of life if you never detox your body and mind of booze. 

And seriously, if you slip up and have a drink or two, please don’t bail, please don’t beat yourself up -just jump right back on the wagon!

The bottom line: This isn’t an all or nothing proposition. Giving up alcohol may not be something that you choose to continue long term, but depending on the results of your no booze challenge, you may decide that it’s worth it to dial it back a notch ot two over the long term.


Week Five Mindfulness Challenge….

Stop and Smell The Roses!


Stop and smell the roses and see the things that are all around you! 

By focusing on things that appear to be “important” at the moment, we often overlook the “little things.”

These are not distractions from life…they are life itself. Let’s not forget or rush through them on our way to the next big accomplishment. Take time to enjoy and savor the things that can bring us great joy. 

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