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October’s 31 Days of Real Food-Day 5

by Olivia Furlow

Day 5: Additives, Preservatives, and other Confusing Ingredients


Preservatives lengthen the shelf life of foods. To prevent spoilage of foods by molds, yeast and bacteria, preservatives have an acidic nature that makes the organisms unable to grow in the food.
Additives are added to food to assist in its processing or to improve its certain characteristics such as aroma, color, consistency, taste, texture, packaging, and/or shelf life.
Food additives and preservatives have been linked to the following….


Asthma and allergic reactions associated with chemicals, such as sulfites, and nitrites and nitrates that prevent discoloration in meats and are considered one of the worst food additives
Bowel symptoms, such as nausea and diarrhea
Preterm delivery linked to artificial sweeteners
Hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder in children
Human resistance to antibiotics because of use in food animals
Headaches from substances such as monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Increased risk of heart disease from accumulation of phosphates in the body
Risk of weight gain from added sugars and sweeteners, hormones, or substances that interfere with hormone regulation
Neurologic problems


In short our bodies have to work so much harder at processing these food additives and preservatives. Our body and our bodily systems don’t know how to break down these chemicals. It is increasing our risk of developing a health issue.

Today I want you to start to pay attention to ingredient labels. Try to make sense of all the crazy, confusing ingredient names! Unfortunately, there are too many to name on the chemical crap list on this blog but on the positive side I found an awesome app on my iPhone for free called E Food Additives. Hopefully it will also be available on Android phones. The icon is green with an apple with a Capital E in the center. E Food Additives will help you find out what these controversial and dreaded food additives are and what they are used for and just how bad these chemicals are that we are digesting. It contains a list of 595 additives with informative description on each item. The app has a different color rating to clearly distinguish safe, dangerous, and neutral additives.




Green-safe with no side effects

Use E Food Additives to avoid buying or eating foods containing these harmful chemicals!

Here is a screenshot of the app 🙂



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